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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Selena Hernandez
Selena Hernandez 11 minutes ago
No for REAL. The bagels in NY just hit different
M S.
M S. 33 minutes ago
Indah Dwi
Indah Dwi Hour ago
Ummm now u kinda look alike Hailey Bieber lol ily Emma
SaturnDirect Hour ago
i love that jacket
Juliana Hour ago
you def should move to NY.... like u seen so happy every time u r there!!! goooo emma life is too short to be miserable in LA
Mina S.
Mina S. Hour ago
I also have an eye that’s slightly different
Ciara Mcmahon
Ciara Mcmahon Hour ago
emma start a food instagram account !
Jessica Mimi
Jessica Mimi Hour ago
Emma layering is so funny bc I’ve lived in the East coast my life and 35° Is absolutely nothing to me
Sara Pena
Sara Pena Hour ago
i love New York Emma
Ismar Hernandez
55 in New York is warm😭
how did you eat an everything bagel and not get anything in your teeth we need a tutorial
Brea Bennett
Brea Bennett 2 hours ago
Congratulations on 10 million 🤍
viv steinberg
viv steinberg 2 hours ago
Emma belongs in New York City. I hope she can move there soon.
Paige Roby
Paige Roby 2 hours ago
Avocado toast makes me feel the same way that bagels make you feel 🤣🤣
AMELIA RENNICK 2 hours ago
You shouldn't move there because of the food sizes. U gonna be eating 20 times a day
Prism Haze
Prism Haze 2 hours ago
i feel like emma should move to new york. she seems so much like herself there. but then she’s a bit farther from family.
Thando Modisaotsile
move to New York
Jenna Jaroszynski
Jenna Jaroszynski 2 hours ago
move to new york
Deborah Oshoteku
Deborah Oshoteku 2 hours ago
you shouldn't move to new york because that special feeling won't be so special. kind of like people who live in florida don't get excited over disneyland anymore.
BTS _ forlife
BTS _ forlife 2 hours ago
Have you watched the documentary seaspiracy?
Pearl Mauer
Pearl Mauer 2 hours ago
Emma. move to New York. Stat.
Micaela Risco
Micaela Risco 2 hours ago
U NEED TO move to new york I feel like you would love it
hardollarsign 3 hours ago
wait wait why don't you keep your house in LA but also buy a house in NYC... best of both worlds
Veronica cortes
Veronica cortes 3 hours ago
MOVE TO NEW YORK!!!! you seem so happy there🥺
Cristina 3 hours ago
Emma walked 20,000 miles !!! Yes u better walk
Danai Michael
Danai Michael 3 hours ago
what lip plumper does she use?
Isobelstyles 3 hours ago
I’m sorry 55 is cold?
Ashley 3 hours ago
Third comment. You shouldn’t move to New York because you would need to keep the green fur both face jacket. By not moving to New York you can send it to me. I live in northern Ontario in Canada and our winters get to -40 Celsius. Emma I need that jacket. 😘
I'm Drawing A Blank
Emma talks about new york like they are sponsoring the video😂
Ashley 3 hours ago
Second comment on this video because I hadn’t finished watching it before my original comment. I’m obsessed with the green furry north face jacket. Obsessed.
Ashley 4 hours ago
Gets iced coffee, makes hot tea, spends 20 minutes taking pictures...now has warm coffee and iced tea 😂 This was the first video of Emma’s I’ve seen and i subbed in 6 mins. Well done 🧚🏻‍♀️
JUST SJ 4 hours ago
This makes me want to take a trip just because...where shall we go?
Jillian Nowack
Jillian Nowack 4 hours ago
anyone know what brand her glasses are like the reading glasses i need new ones and emma is the best way to go😐
Chloe woo0000
Chloe woo0000 5 hours ago
You shouldn’t move to New York because it’s a vacation ion place for you and it’s very appealing because you’re so relaxed and curious about it but if u moved there you will slowly resent it plus it’s fucking expensive so there’s that
miarosecalderon 5 hours ago
new york summers are elite
Raluca Zalaru
Raluca Zalaru 6 hours ago
New York is a lovely place to live, but you have no one in New York, no relatives or friends, so you will start feeling lonely real quick
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 4 hours ago
I just found out Emma is a Gemini 🖐😭
Samia Kanaan
Samia Kanaan 7 hours ago
i bet she is gonna end up moving to ny in some point. AND CANT WAIT.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 4 hours ago
girl i have the same eye thing, apparently when my eyes are more tired it will turn outwards then typically inwards
Emily Kruse
Emily Kruse 7 hours ago
I think you should move to New York because I can see that New York makes you happy and I love that🥰
gianna distasi
gianna distasi 8 hours ago
omg move to new york please
blushing boy
blushing boy 8 hours ago
Why is emmas face is so cute
Moonlight Caroline
Moonlight Caroline 8 hours ago
9:43 I legit thought she was trying to get it off for an hour 😂
Atalie Altman
Atalie Altman 8 hours ago
Rhona Galope
Rhona Galope 8 hours ago
I agree. I was able to stay in both NY and CA, and I prefer NY a lot more!! There’s always something new, and it just gives you this welcoming atmosphere and the things to do are endless ♥️
yasmine h
yasmine h 9 hours ago
I'm from Algeria it's a Mediterranean country I can't drink ice coffee it makes me want to throw up I don't know why
Vanessa Merino
Vanessa Merino 9 hours ago
I bursted out laughing when she said 20,000 miles
Awut Akur
Awut Akur 9 hours ago
BC it cold emma and your going to get to much coffee women.
jess 10 hours ago
i think emma should buy a small apartment in new york so she can visit whenever :)
Marie Louise
Marie Louise 11 hours ago
why is she not friends with kendall jenner? I feel like they have similar humour kinda
Elsa Ledesma
Elsa Ledesma 12 hours ago
I love how happy she is like she was smiling the whole time
Madi Healy
Madi Healy 12 hours ago
Take a shot everytime emma changes her outfit
Jenny 12 hours ago
girl i have the same eye thing, apparently when my eyes are more tired it will turn outwards then typically inwards
Alyssa García
Alyssa García 13 hours ago
I just found out Emma is a Gemini 🖐😭
CGOOD101 14 hours ago
i love how she's layering up but 50 degrees is warm to us east coasters right now😭
madilyn keyes
madilyn keyes 14 hours ago
Addiction to heating pad gang😩🤝 my dad bought me a heated blanket bc he knows my addiction is real🥲
Lauren A
Lauren A 14 hours ago
I walked like 20,000 miles hahahah
Dakota Reece
Dakota Reece 15 hours ago
Google maps doesn’t work that well in the city bc of the skyscrapers covering all the damn cell tower service.. idk if that made sense but you get it right? Yuh. 🥰
Rachel O'Brien
Rachel O'Brien 15 hours ago
Maybe don't move to new york because think about how much effort its going to be to find a place and move and stuff like, lmaooo
Emily Elrod
Emily Elrod 15 hours ago
She seems so happy and it’s making me happy lol
skyee high 69
skyee high 69 16 hours ago
come to florida let's kayak
claire:p 16 hours ago
literally the happiness emma is experiencing in this vid is projecting into me i love her so much
Nicole Quintero
Nicole Quintero 16 hours ago
20,000 miles lol
kmila mendez
kmila mendez 16 hours ago
I dont think it would be a bad idea to move there. My mother always talks about how pretty ny is and that it was a really nice city to live in especially as a young person. I know this is the opposite of what u asked for jajjsjs but u do seem really happy there and u really wouldn't loose anything by trying it out, just do it
kmila mendez
kmila mendez 16 hours ago
"I am stupid idiot, I am" jjajsjsja
Jenna Jaroszynski
Jenna Jaroszynski 17 hours ago
i definitely ate that same bagel in new york
carissa 17 hours ago
emma needs to discover heated blankets they're even better than heating pads
Queenbeetasha 17 hours ago
You shouldn't move to New York because... WELLLLL i think NY fits your vibe and i love living here. i moved out of New York last year and i came right back. There's nothing like New York sis
R Ed
R Ed 18 hours ago
Imagine thinking 55 is cold waaa I hate England 😩
Gigi 18 hours ago
55? Bitch that’s high temp I wear shorts in that sis 💅
Dumb Cunt
Dumb Cunt 18 hours ago
I’m almost to New York
Kiby Velasquez
Kiby Velasquez 18 hours ago
she looks happier in NYlike deadass
Kaitlyn Rivera
Kaitlyn Rivera 18 hours ago
You are such an NYC girl tho
4dxrby 18 hours ago
emma move to new york already!!!!
Quinn Price
Quinn Price 18 hours ago
emma is so much happier in new york and i’m here for it
Lifeof Alittleloser
Lifeof Alittleloser 19 hours ago
girl really said 30° is freezing. Babe have you gone to chicago they live in -0°
Morgan Saunders
Morgan Saunders 19 hours ago
bc its cold asf
Chrystal Wade
Chrystal Wade 19 hours ago
you should move to new york
Gh A
Gh A 20 hours ago
Her *skin* though...
Ella Jejs
Ella Jejs 20 hours ago
Emma wearing 8 layers in New York 40/50 degrees because she’s used to LA me: used to cold weather, wearing no layers when it’s 40/50 because that’s considered warm😂
lucy bohossian
lucy bohossian 20 hours ago
this is my five bullet composition to emma on why she should move to ny: 1. broadway 2. coffee (it's better here trust me) 3. summer isn't that cold (trust me) 4. jersey shore (if you end up missing LA) 5. you are literally glowing lol. move here rn you will be so much happier. 6. ily
Aida Velic
Aida Velic 20 hours ago
Im sorry but how do you not shit your pants consistently or have heartburn with how much coffee you consume.
Jumanah Ahmed
Jumanah Ahmed 20 hours ago
you will probably get tired of it then regret your decision
Hessa 21 hour ago
Com Ment
Com Ment 21 hour ago
Emma come visit London
Sydney VanHarreveld
Emmas out here in 35-degree weather acting like she's in Antarctica. But I grew up in Vermont so I'm used to it lmao. That fit hits hard tho.
Com Ment
Com Ment 21 hour ago
Wait you have tea and coffee alongside each other ?
Anastasia Velvet
Anastasia Velvet 21 hour ago
Emma, you want to move to NY, so do it.
Jocelyn 21 hour ago
I think you want to kinda convince yourself that moving to New York is a bad a idea because you're scared (?) like, to be alone, buuuut if you're miserable in LA, you should definitely consider moving (even if you're gonna be alone) because is for your own wellbeing. If you are in a place that doesn't add anything positive to your live and you have the chance to get out of there, try to do something to make yourself happy, life is short so you should enjoy it as most as you can!
SIENA LAURINO 21 hour ago
The traffic is literally A NIGHTMARE
Sydney Dixon
Sydney Dixon 21 hour ago
Emma: “There’s nothing to see in LA” Me (from Minnesota): ……
Cambam 21 hour ago
Can we talk about how big her room is in New York
pida siouy
pida siouy 21 hour ago
Girl why is it a bad idea? NYC is the greatest city on earth
Irene Amelunge
Irene Amelunge 21 hour ago
One reason why you shouldn’t move to New York is because it is your escape and if you moved there then it wouldn’t be an escape anymore !
pida siouy
pida siouy 21 hour ago
I’ve never seen someone drinking tea and coffee at the same time
Maddie E
Maddie E 22 hours ago
pleaseeee move to nyc i don’t even live there but i look so happy there lol
Candy Cupcake
Candy Cupcake 22 hours ago
As soon as she said “you guys know” I already knew she was gon say she be drinking hot coffe now
Carly Gittler
Carly Gittler 22 hours ago
I've never watched a single video of yours in my life. This one made me love you instantly
Sofía Santillan
Sofía Santillan 22 hours ago
Entendí la mitad del video pero me caíste bien
guywittamic 22 hours ago
For some of us, NYC is a healing environment. I don't think it's a bad idea to move there--though you'll miss your three people in LA...so you might do better to just stay in LA I guess, and take trips to NYC on occasion.
Lorielle Hughes
Lorielle Hughes 22 hours ago
Would love to know where your prescription glasses are from!??😍😍
Javier Wilson
Javier Wilson 22 hours ago
3:23 that bagel 🥯 looks sooooooo good
Maddie E
Maddie E 22 hours ago
i love emma in ny her happiness is making me happy
Veda Craig
Veda Craig 22 hours ago
A reason not to move to New York: You wouldn't grow as much in a comfortable place!!! More growth in tough places!!